There are groups for

men, women, co-ed AND youth. 

There's a group for pretty much

every day of the week!

GROUPS SIGN UP SUNDAY is September 9th

on campus after either worship service @ 9:00 or 10:30am.

New people are encouraged and welcome to participate!

Hear testimonies, meet facilitators, preview material, register & pay on Groups Sunday!

Our goal is 110% participation! Yes, YOU can be a part of a group- even if you're new! 

Groups are the #1 way to grow in your walk with Jesus and develop friendship! 

There are three ways to register & pay


2. At the Next Steps Center on Sundays leading up to Sign Up Sunday.

3. Sign-Up Sunday @ the groups registration table on 9.9.18

You will receive an email with your group details after the registration is complete.

Elevation offers drop-in childcare  on Sunday and Wednesday. The cost of childcare is $10 per family per night.  Please list the names and ages of children in the question section when registering. Payment is in cash the night you utilize the service.

Alternatively, by registering for "Childcare For Groups Fall 2018" online, you get the entire semester for $75!

Download a hard copy of our groups brochure to get FAQ on how long groups last, groups offered, childcare questions, etc.

SEMESTER BASED: Our groups are semester based. If you miss this semester, the next semesters will begin January 2019.

Got a question? Email for an answer.