When we manage money God's way, the results are life-changing. Is your next step tithing, budgeting, or one-on-one coaching? Let's get started and find out. 

Meet Jesus

At Elevation we believe that God purposefully created the world and everything in it, including you. He wants to begin a 1 on 1 personal relationship with you today.

Get Baptized

Go public with your faith in Jesus and demonstrate to the world that you have made a genuine commitment to follow him. Baptism is the next step after salvation

If you have questions about baptism, click here.

If you would like to be contacted by our next steps team about baptism click here to fill out a contact form.

Read your Bible

How can you get to know someone if you don't take the time to hear what they have to say? When you begin reading your Bible for a few minutes each day you will come to know God in a real way.

Elevation groups are people just like you who are taking their next steps together. Join a group, make some new friends, and discover the joy of doing life together.

Groups happen on a semester basis.

Sign-up days for groups are generally in January, May & August.

Start Serving

We believe that as we serve we can help others take their next step in following Jesus. The church is like a body where every person is an essential part. We can help you find your place to serve at Elevation.

Get an application at the Next Steps Center. 

Become an Owner

Members have rights, owners  have responsibilities. We believe every Christian should belong to a local church and take ownership of that church. This includes serving, giving, and participating in biblical community.

Care and Prayer

We believe that everyone can walk in freedom. We would love to talk and pray with you about what is going on in your life and help you discover your next step.

Mission Trips

Elevation is partnering with MTSBC and planning several personal, local and global mission trips over the next few years. Travel with us on a mission trip and make an eternal difference in someone's life.