walking into a new church shouldn't be scary.

We call ourselves Different. Refreshing. And we sure do strive to be so.
You know, just regular everyday Montanans - getting together on a Sunday morning

to worship the Creator the Heavens and Earth.
We want you to feel welcome here - loved, even! Your children are safe here. Your heart is safe, too.
Got some church hurt? We've all been there. Feel free to sit in the seat and soak it all in.
We call this home; and we hope you will, too.


When you first arrive, you'll most likely see some of our greeters at the door. They'll give you a "bulletin" - it's our version of a flyer about what's happening today. Feel free to keep it and take notes during the sermon. Grab a cup of coffee or lemonade, and we encourage you to walk up to someone and let us know you're new! This allows us to make sure we take good care of you! While you're at it, check out our "Jesus" wall - each lightbulb represents a life given over to the Lord for eternity!

Kids Ministry

Nothing is more important to us than your kiddos. We have strict safety protocols in place to make sure they are secure. We will ask that you check them in at our handy iPad station with a few simple pieces of info, and we will require that you show your check-in sticker at the time of pickup - we mean it! No one gets your kids but you! We have a fully trained security team watching at all times to keep your kids safe, along with two adults per classroom.

Church Time

You may see some dresses from time to time, but more often than not, you'll see jeans and Converse. It's just how we roll. No pretense. Just real people. We'll sing a bit at the beginning of worship - we like it LOUD - and then we'll share some upcoming events. Then, it's time for Pastor Roger to share from the Word of God - hang on to your seats, because he's fast, furious, and super passionate about THE BOOK. We think you're gonna love it!

First Visit Jitters?

Still have questions about your first visit? Feel free to ask away below - we'll be in touch soon!